Women prefer younger men on internet dating sites

Internet Dating youger woman

Women like dating younger men on internet dating sites. These were the findings in a recent article from Time magazine which also found that women are 5 times more likely to want a man 5 years or younger than one that is 5 years older. It seems that across the age demographic women are opting to choose a younger and more spritely partner.

The report went on to say that men however are less fussy when it comes to being contacted by older women. Only 22% of them are less likely to respond to an older women than a younger women when she initiates the contact. In another internet dating study in 2008 it went on to say that women who are 10 years or more older than their partner reported greater relationship satisfaction than women who are with men of their own age or younger.

Whilst we love headline facts at SA Online Dating (in fact we love anything that paints internet dating in a positive light) these don’t leave us gasping for breath. Fact 1: Women like younger men. Okay but doesn’t everybody like the thought of a younger partner. They have youth on their side, are better eye candy and let’s face it probably have more stamina and energy than older people. Fact 2: Men are only 22% less likely to respond to an older woman. Let’s face it, men are just less picky full-stop. The mere fact than a women has contacted them is enough for them to be interested. Fact 3. Women who are in relationships with men 10 years or more younger than them are happier. Again, we go back to point 1. Younger men have more energy, enthusiasm and are generally better looking than men of a similar age. Internet dating is a playground where women (and men) young and old can pick and choose exactly what they want. There’s no rules about age, ethnicity or gender and because there’s so much choice you’re free to choose who you want. That’s the great beauty of Internet dating. It’s like a giant candy store.