Why should I avoid Free Dating Websites

Free isn’t always the best especially when it comes to Dating websites. Although Free might sound great, it actually attracts far too many of the wrong kind of daters.

The Casuals
These are the people who dip in and out of relationships. For guys it might be casual in the true sense of the word. They may be looking for a relationship with all the benefits (if you know what we mean) but with none of the commitment.

The Voyeurs
These are people who probably won’t upload a photo or maybe will upload a fake photo of themselves. They will then just look at profiles without interacting with anybody. They are only there to see other people’s photos. Sure they are harmless enough but do you really need people looking at your private photos? I think not.

The Friday nighters
Our personal favorites. The Friday nighters create their profile for two reasons 1) they aren’t going anywhere on Friday night and in an attempt to do something about it they join, create a profile and spend the evening browsing, nudging and maybe even chatting to other equally lonely singles. Come Saturday morning and they’ve forgotten all about the previous night and never re-visit. 2) the singles who’ve been out, had a few drinks and then emotionally returned to a lonely flat. They, like the previous group, will jump online for a few hours and then never return.

The Weirdoes
These are the most worrying group and the reason we really don’t recommend totally 100% Free Dating Websites. These people will interact and hassle other members possibly by abusing them verbally or by sending them inappropriate photos of themselves. They enjoy the power and anonymity that Free Online Dating gives them.

The other problem of Free dating websites is that you’re never totally sure who’s online and available and who isn’t. There’s literally thousands of dead accounts as there’s no obvious way of telling whether the people who own these accounts are still actively looking for love. Our recommendation every time is to choose dating sites (like SA Online Dating) that offers a certain amount of Free dating or interacting but also offers a premium paid for service. If you’re really serious about dating and want to meet others who are equally serious then spending a few Rands per month on quality dating websites is surely a small price to pay.