Why lying will not get you far with Online Dating South Africa

The importance of honesty is undeniable when online dating South Africa, because you are dealing with people’s feelings. If you discover the profile of an attractive person that you do not have much in common with, it might seem that a few lies are necessary to impress them. Unfortunately, this is bad protocol. Lying might get you an initial response but, if you want a long-term relationship, the truth will eventually come out, and this will be a difficult situation to handle. The internet allows people to present themselves how they want, but this advantage is short-lived. Some argue that no one is 100% honest, and that a few occasional white lies are something that we all partake in. With online dating South Africa, it just depends on the nature of the lies. For instance, if you claim to be a lawyer when you are still a law student, this might make you appear more successful. But, this is a reasonably harmless lie.

However, maliciously deceptive lies are clearly unacceptable. Fibbing about things such as your looks, weight and age, or claiming to be single when you are married, can wreak havoc with people’s emotions.


Sometimes, people lie to become close with the person they like and, once they know them better, they  reveal the truth. While this might work in the short-term, once the other person discovers the truth, be aware that they will never be able to trust you. This will stir up issues about your credibility that usually ruin relationships.


Rather than lying when online dating South Africa, a better idea is to cultivate new hobbies and interests that will make your profile more appealing. Never forget that the only true way to find Mr or Mrs Right, is to get people to like you for who you really are.