Why I love Online Dating in South Africa

Dating in pre-internet days wasn’t easy and lead to inbreeding on a monster scale. Instead of 6 degrees of separation, it’s was more likely to be 6 km of separation. Girl from town A marries boy from town B and has children who grow up and, depending on where couple AB eventually live, marry girls (or boys) from the opposite town and so it continues until they start sprouting horns, webbed feet and turn into a brand new species. Online dating in South Africa has changed all that (phew, I hear you say). Instead you now have a vast mountain of eligible single people to choose from. Brilliant, I hear you say .. er .. well sort of !

Since South African Dating sites began, the single people mountain has been growing steadily giving you more and more choice. So how exactly do you sift through this ‘haystack of eligibles’ and find your needle of love. This is where clever and honest filtering comes in. If you’re a 60-year-old man looking for a blonde 23-year-old supermodel then your haystack of possible matches disappears almost instantly. Instead try looking for absolutes. I don’t want anybody who smokes, has children or lives with their mother. Other than that I’m pretty flexible. If I get too many offers then I’ll narrow my search further until I reach the optimum criteria. This can take around 2 weeks to get right but once done it’s a case of just sitting back and chatting to possible candidates as much or as little as you like.

Once you start talking things will really start to happen. South Africa Dating sites make it easy for you to either click with somebody or not and allow you to easily cull your list of possibles to maybe a handful of probables. ie the guys or girls you’d actually consider meeting.

South Africa dating sites are now no different from shopping online. 40 years ago we used to shop at our local store where we had very little choice. Today we have several large superstores to choose from in self-contained malls with everything under one roof. You can even do it from the comfort of your armchair.

Oldies might say that Internet Dating in South Africa isn’t romantic or that it’s for desperate people who can’t find a date the conventional way. We’d say it’s the opposite. As time goes by it’s people who don’t use internet dating sites to find love who will be the unconventional ones. Much in the same way we now don’t think twice about using shopping superstores. And that’s why we love internet dating, it offers more choice and more possibilities for love than ever before.