Who is logging on to a South African dating site right now?

South African Dating site mobile

Running a South African dating site is no simple task. Internet penetration in South Africa is still very low. According to the latest internet usage statistics for 2012 only 17.4% of all South Africans are online (around 8.5 million), 5th in the whole continent and a long way behind the top dog, Nigeria with a whopping 48.4 million.

South African dating site speed has always been an issue too. In the early days we had one cable for South Africa, the Telkom SAT-3 cable. Since 2009 when the Seacom cable was completed we’ve seen prices drop and line speeds increase but South Africa still has one of the costliest and restrictive internets on the planet.

All very frustrating for it’s citizens but equally frustrating if you’re trying to run a state-of-the-art dating website. However to combat this and to put our South African dating site firmly at the top of your preferred list we’ve focussed heavily on our lighter mobile version.

It’s been improving and rolling out over the past few months and, even though we say ourselves, it’s looking pretty neat.

New members can now register without pre-sign up from a desktop device. Also using your cellphone’s native GPS you can perform a local searches without having to enter your location. Our new multi-button dashboard makes it super simple to access sections and perform multiple tasks such as winking and messaging. Users can also see who’s viewed them and their favourites in the click of a button. With so many South Africans using their cellphone for everyday tasks this means more people than ever can use SA Online Dating. This is good news for you as it means there’s more fish in the sea and it’s good news for us as it means we can keep re-investing in making your website experience better and better.