What do People lie About the Most When Online Dating in South Africa?

People involved in online dating in South Africa work very hard to come across as appealing, but it is difficult for many singletons to distinguish truth from lies. Here are 4 of the most frequent fibs:

1) Photographs
Research shows that over 30% of the most attractive photographs are more than 12 months old, and that the photograph’s age usually increases with the up-loader’s age. Thus, if your date is 30+ with a striking photograph, do not be surprised by how old (s)he appears when you meet them!

2) Weight and Height
Studies indicate that females in their 30’s and 20’s, who are online dating in South Africa, claim they weigh 5 to 20 pounds less, and that 52.6% of males lie online about their height. Blame this on rigid social pressure, but people do take liberties to edit their profile descriptions so they will better match the expectations of their potential date.

3) Marital Status
A recent MSNBC survey uncovered that 30% of males who use online dating services are really married. Don’t forget that you are dating online to meet your soul-mate, and not to become an attached person’s bit-on-the-side.

4) Income
Scientific American reports that men who claim salaries in excess of $250000.00 get 151% more messages, compared to men claiming salaries of under $50000.00. Pretty depressing, right? Generally, people involved in internet dating are 20% less well-off than they say they are.

If you are tempted to start telling fibs whilst writing your online dating profile, it is likely that these insecurities will surface in other ways. Ultimately, this will damage your chance of meeting your match. Cumulatively, the results of the above research suggests that the best chance for success with online dating in South Africa is to be yourself, and remain confident about who you are.