South African Dating Sites – Think Resume and Not Profile

If you always attract the same kind of person on South African dating sites, then maybe you ought to produce a dating résumé. This could save you considerable heartache, by helping you to see where you have gone wrong and what your best characteristics are.


Similar to a professional résumé, a résumé for dating should include basic information like age (both your age, and that of your perfect partner), and address (or rather, how far away from home you are prepared to extend your search for a potential date).

Also, you should outline your dating history, listing the people you have dated, between which dates, their good and bad characteristics, along with a summary title (e.g. ‘Mr Never Again’). Furthermore, you could include the reason why you split up, if you wish to remember why particular kinds of people are not compatible.


Your South African dating sites résumé should also mention other details, outlining how wonderful you are (perhaps you are good with children?), and any extra skills you have. This could be, for instance, a foreign language, photography, pole-dancing – anything you believe is worth saying.


Don’t forget to include an education section. Are you searching for a companion who has, for instance, a university degree? Likewise, with employment: are you looking for a highly paid partner, or a partner who does a worthwhile job?


Avoid white lies like: “I am an Italian cuisine maestro”, when you actually mean: “I can cook a frozen pizza without burning it for 30 minutes”. You will probably get found out.


After this is finished, re-write your South African dating sites profile to incorporate everything you have discovered about yourself and your perfect partner – then ask a friend to read it. Hopefully, this will make your searches much easier, and your response rate should also increase.