Finding love on a South African Dating Site – Real or Fantasy?

South African Dating site

The question has been asked many times. Is finding love on a South African dating site real or just fantasy? We’ve all read the marketing material. Millions of singles, lots of choice etc etc but when it comes down to finding love online, is it real love or are we just buying an unobtainable dream? Depending on which South African dating site you choose there’ll be all sorts of promises made. You’ll see success stories, happy couples skipping down the aisle and lots of smiley faces. It’s all pretty enticing isn’t it. You’d like to be one of those happy couples too wouldn’t you? Of course you would, we all would.

This is exactly the point where you need to take a reality check. Although a South African dating site will make it easier for you to find somebody (it’s true, there is lots of choice) you’ll also need to use some of that grey matter when it comes to taking your online fantasy into the real world. We read recently of a women that fell for a guy who seemed to good to be true. Recently divorced with kids, good job and looking for a long-term partner. All was going well until she discovered that not only was he seeing her but also a whole bunch of other women. He’s what’s known as a player and although it doesn’t happen as often as you may think it does happen. That’s why you need to use common sense when it comes down to finding romance on that South African dating site you’ve just joined. Just because it’s online it doesn’t give all the members on it a badge of honour or integrity. Just treat them as you would any relationship. Ask the right questions and call them at various times of the day (if they can’t talk in the evenings and will only call you when it suites them then be a little suspicious). Generally speaking online dating sites can deliver exactly what you want but just use your head sometimes and not always your heart.