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South Africa Dating at SA Online Dating is the preferred choice for thousands of singles. It’s easy and free to join and you could be viewing and searching within minutes of registering. We’ve got over a million singles on the site, ready and waiting to say hello. South Africa dating is easy once you get started. Just enter your details including a valid email address and your name and then your’re done.

With over 35% of marriages resulting from online dating there’s never been a more appropriate time to join the best South Africa Dating around. Don’t just take our word for it. There’s loads of happy couples already successfully matched up and enjoying life.

It doesn’t matter which part of South Africa you are from either. The great beauty of the internet is that you can geo-locate your potential dates. We’ve so many to choose from that you’ll be addicted to South Africa dating before you know it. And if you do find you’re starting to run out of things to do then we’ve got our dating blog which contains lots of helpful tips and advice for dates in South Africa. We’ll tell you what to do and what to expect from your online dating adventures. We’ll give you tips on where to meet and of course on safety. We think you’ll have a great time if you follow a few simple rules.

We know from the emails we get that paying for dating is something that can be issue. Don’t worry if that’s the case, we often have special offers and deals through our facebook and 16Brands pages. Check them out here regularly for all the best there is to get from South Africa dating at SA Online dating.

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