South Africa Dating Sites – Which are the best? Free or Paid

South Africa dating sites cater to a lot of people but just how many single people are there in the world? Type that question into Google and not surprisingly you get a diverse and colourful answer. In the US there are 54 million single people, in the UK 14.2 million and in South Africa, well we’ll just have to take a wild guess and say it’s roughly 35% (according to world averages). So put simply, that’s a lot of single men and women to choose from. You’re only problem now of course is how do you let all those single people know you’re there?

South African Dating sites have been springing up ever since the Internet was invented to connect people who otherwise wouldn’t meet either through circumstance of through different live / work patterns.

Since those early days free dating sites have come a long way and the confidence in them has grown immeasurably.

Back to our original question. Which are best? Free Dating Websites or Premium Paid Online Dating. We’d like to give you a clear answer but the simple answer is what we call Freemium Online Dating.

Freemium South Africa Dating Sites offer you search and browse for Free but when you want to contact and message someone they ask you to subscribe. The amount of Free will vary from site to site and this is really the key. On some well-known sites even though you are a paying member the people you are contacting won’t be able to see the messages you send unless they are also a Premium member. This can be a little frustrating to say the least. The best method we’ve found and one that we use here at SA Online Dating is to allow non-members to chat to you as a Paid member. SO effectively your subscription to the site ‘unlocks’ a conversation between two people where only one of them is a paid subscriber.

Also look out for the ability to nudge or wink to show an interest. Although sometimes overused by non-members this can be an effective free tool to grab the attention of somebody. You could also try to attract paid members this way in the knowledge that if they did like you they could easily ‘unlock’ a conversation with you without you having to be a paid member.