South Africa Dating Sites – Still the best place to find love

South Africa dating sites have become big business and globally, online dating has become enourmous. Some of the world’s larger sites have millions of members. With this volume comes a lot of attention and not just from single men and women themselves. Psychologists and media have all been writing and examining whether online dating really does work or whether it purely fills people with falls hope and nothing more.


A common criticism is that dating sites only ask people what their ideal date is and not what it would be. Studies of speed dating have shown that what people actually found attractive in the opposite sex wasn’t what they wanted from their description. Their ideal match relied on logical attributes such as hair colour, weight, income and not the emotional attributes such as smell and chemistry.

While they say this as a problem with online dating we really think they are missing the point. It’s true that you can’t smell someone’s cologne and you can’t touch or feel their presence in the room but once you start talking you can feel the chemistry growing (or not). In terms of searching and choosing the right person then this is where great photos come into their own. Not only can a great photo portray you as sexy and attractive it can also say how relaxed, funny and easy going you are. If it’s a candid photo of you not looking you’re best but having a great time and laughing it says you’re not bothered about looks and how people perceive you.


Dating in South Africa is often a series of algorithms that are meant to cull those people who really don’t fit your criteria. Maybe they live too far away or are just too old and this is exactly how they should be treated. At the moment there are no “emotive” filters on dating sites (although maybe there should be) such as “are you neurotic” or “jealousy rating” so these things will just become clear over time. It’s also unrealistic to criticise dating sites for not being able to predict life-long happiness as these ‘negative’ attributes will be very much hidden in the initial courting phase of any relationship in much the same way people wear supportive clothing to hide their true self we all try and pretend we’re perfect to the opposite sex whilst dating.