South Africa Dating Sites – Blind Dating with pictures

We had a revelation yesterday. Unbeknown to us it transpired that our parents (yes, the oldy ones who live in the dark ages and just don’t understand the world today) actually met on a blind date? That’s right, hold the front pages .. they met on a blind date. So exactly how does that work? Two friends who know each other also know the blind couple (they’re not technically blind by the way) and they have a chat over coffee or a drink in the pub (about the blind couple). They decide, in their role as cupid, that the couple would be ideally matched. 

Roll on a few weeks and there’s a guy with a bunch of flowers meeting his future wife and mother of this children. This got us thinking about how easy it is on dating sites to view, meet and decide these days. The chance of those two people meeting at all was slim but meeting and then spending their lives together was tiny. Or was it?

Just go back to the beginning. The people who introduced them knew their profile details. Height, body type, hair colour etc. They also, more importantly knew their personality. This is key as often our friends know us better than we think we know ourselves. They won’t paper over the cracks or lie about how funny and outgoing we are when actually we’re couch potatoes. They also know what type of people we go for and also why those people aren’t necessarily the best for us. (The “always picking rough diamonds hoping to smooth them out” syndrome).

So, in many ways the two cupids in this case knew exactly what they were doing and they knew that rather than the chances being slim that the chances were actually pretty good that these people would get on.

The similarities between this and the way we find people on Free Dating Websites, although different is actually the same. On Dating Websites we enter profile details, match our likes and dislikes and then (after seeing that we like how they look) we’ll engage in a QA process to see if our personalities match. If we tick all the checkboxes via online dating then we meet. Whilst it’s not a blind date, we (like our cupid friends) have done all the pre-date checks to ensure the best possible chances of success.