South Africa Dating Sites and why we’re number 1

So you’ve decided to start dating online? You’ve done your initial search and now you’re totally confused? Which out of the thousands of South African Dating Sites to I go for? It’s a good question and really depends what you’re after. South Africa Dating Sites are multiple and the quality can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. Here’s a few simple things to look out for:

  1. Number of members
    How many members does it claim to have and are they global or local numbers? A big, well-known site that appears at the top of the search results may have millions of members but they may only have a few hundred in your particular area. Before you become a paying member you need to know that you’re searching a large pool of eligible singles and not just a handful. Generally if the title of the Site contains a reference to Dating Sites South Africa then you should be okay. For example SAOnlineDating has over 1 million South African singles waiting to meet you.
  2. Free vs Paid
    The idea of Free sounds great but in reality they are generally populated by tight people, wierdo’s, freaks or casual daters who are not serious about finding love and romance. Depending on what you want we’de strongly recommend you start on a site that offers search for Free then when you want to get serious you have to pay a little more. This monetary filter is actually a good way of naturally sorting the wheat from the chaff.
  3. Ease of use
    The question of how easy are South African Dating sites to use is important? Is it designed well? Does it have a lot of features that allow you to contact with prospective singles. If the site is designed well and looks as though it’s continually improving it’s design and features then it possibly means the people behind it are a) real and b) care about the service they offer. This is a good thing.
  4. Help if you need it
    There’s lots of sites that people set up and run from the comfort of their garage. This might be fine but say you wanted some help or advice? What if you though there was something dodgy happening or that you felt you might be being stalked or fleeced or even worse, groomed for something. Who would you talk to and how much power and protection could the man in the garage offer? The best advice we can give is to use a site that offers help and support and that allows you to flag something untoward.

Just follow this simple advice on Dating Sites. South Africa offers a great place to meet people so good luck.