South Africa Dating – Is it really a Rainbow Nation

South Africa Dating Rainbow Nation

We’ve all read the headlines. South Africa dating is a kaleidoscope of exotic races and cultures which caters for a diverse and mixed dating scene. With this ringing in our ears we, at SA Online Dating did our own research into the exact figures that make up our rainbow nation and we found some interesting facts. 80% of the country are black African, 9% coloured and only 9% white (approx 4.5 million in total). In terms of internet usage this has spiralled in the last 10 years. In 2001 only 1.8% of the population owned or used a computer. 10 years on and that figure has risen to 52%. The biggest growth area however is with mobile phone usage. 92% of the population now own a mobile phone and with smart phone technology and 3G this means more people than ever are able to access South Africa dating and it’s network of single people.

South Africa dating has also knocked down many boundaries that previously existed. For example there was previously very little interaction between geographic sections of the society. Take Cape Town for example. Geographically Mitchell’s Plain, Khayelitsha and the Northern and Southern suburbs are very close but traditionally they are populated by Black, Coloured and White people respectively.

South Africa dating has knocked down these walls and now somebody from the Northern Suburbs can see, view and chat with somebody from Khayelitsha and get an insight into their view of the Mother City.

So does all this wall breaking and technology make for better South Africa dating. Well, we like to think that it offers choice and where there’s choice there’s opportunity and where there’s opportunity anything can happen. All in all we think the rainbow nation just got a whole lot more colourful.