South Africa Dating is pure online magic

Is South Africa Dating a good thing? The truth is the same as anything, if you’ve had a good experience then you’ll be positive about it where-as if you haven’t then it might be negative. It’s best to take a balanced view with South Africa Dating. There’ll be some bits you love and some bits you wish you could change (the same will probably be true with the people you meet too :).

The thing to remember with dating websites is not to expect instant magic and don’t assume that the “magic machine” will instantly find your perfect partner for you. It’s good to remember that the most dating sites use what we call boolean algorithms to your match. So if you enter that you only want to meet people with an income of over R500k then it will only show you people in that income bracket. The same goes for other searchable attributes. So although refining your search is great and it’s something we’d recommend we’d also say that starting with a wide net and open disposition is also preferred.

Essentially you’re searching for a list of ingredients. Hair, skin colour, height, income etc but just because you don’t like ‘blonde hair’ doesn’t mean that the person you will be attracted to doesn’t have blonde hair. People come as a package and if one of those ingredients isn’t to your liking it doesn’t mean the whole package won’t be. You might not like eggs but you still like cake right? And cake contains eggs. You see where we’re going with this?

So don’t get disappointed if you search South Africa Dating Sites for weeks and can’t find your perfect partner. Just be open to the fact that you’ve been searching without eggs! Try looking for eggs and you’ll open up a whole world of possibilities.

On a final note did you know that adding a photo to your profile increases the likelihood of you being contacted by 15 times. Which when you think about it makes complete common sense. Would you be attracted to somebody in a bar if you couldn’t actually see them  … hmmm, probably not.