Tips for new singletons who are dating Africa style

Dating Africa Safety Advice

Dating Africa style is, in principle, no different to any other country, except of course that this is South Africa. Our beautiful rainbow nation of 50 million people have a daily struggle against crime and security. Other nations can freely go out and meet a guy or girl in a local bar. They can both have a drink and they can both wander up the road to another bar or restaurant without too much hassle. Try this in South Africa and you may not make it to the second bar. Yes, dating Africa style requires more awareness than your average international date. When dating Africa style, you really need to plan ahead. Arrange exactly what you’ll be doing before you go and then drive to that destination separately. Do not allow them to pick you up from your home on the first date no matter how friendly they are online. Before you go on your date make sure you tell a friend or family member exactly where you are going and make sure you have your cell phone close at hand at all times. We also recommend you check in regularly with your friend so they know you’re okay. You can do this discretely whilst taking a bathroom break so as not to make your date unduly nervous.

Drinking is also a big risk. You’ve both arrived by car which means you shouldn’t really be drinking anyway but if you have to calm the nerves then the legal limit in South Africa is roughly equivalent to 1 unit of alcohol per hour. Beyond that our bodies are unable to process it. This calculation is based on a person weighing 68kgs. If you’re lighter you’ll need more time. In case you’re unsure what 1 unit of alcohol looks like it’s roughly equivalent to 2/3rds of a regular 5% beer or 75ml of wine. (approx 1/2 a large glass).

Dating Africa style can be great fun if you follow a few simple rules and remember that you don’t need to do everything on the first date. If things are going well then hopefully there’ll be a second and third.