Profile Writing Tips for Women on South Africa Dating Sites

An unforgettable, well written online dating profile, which can cause a man to smile, is vital if you want to attract Mr Right. Regard your profile as your own personal cyberspace advertisement, marking you out from the countless other women on South Africa dating sites. Here is some proven profile-writing advice:


Don’t tell, show

Tell some unique stories about yourself. Rather than saying: “I’m smart, loving and kind”, be more specific. Instead, say something like: “Whenever you get a cold, I’m the one who will make you my grandmother’s secret tomato soup from scratch.”.


Display your positive, warm side

The majority of men desire a fun, smart girl who has a warm personality – somewhere “soft” to land after they finish work. Saying something like: “I’m a cool aunt that takes my niece and nephew to Lola Park for a day of bouncy castles, rides and junk food.” humanises you, and adds that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your South Africa dating sites profile.


No baggage or negativity

Do not mention your disease-ridden dog, your divorce, or make any statements such as: “If you just want a one-night stand – then please look elsewhere”. Comments like this will invariably create an unsavoury impression on the reader.


Stay concise

There are about twenty to forty million singletons dating online, so you need your profile to maintain his interest! Therefore, it is best if your profile does not exceed four-hundred words in total.


Check for spelling and grammar

To attract the right kind of man on South Africa dating sites, it is advisable to avoid grammatical errors, like using “Gr8” instead of “Great”.


So, dip your virtual quill into some virtual ink, and start writing. Take heed of these tips, and many suitors will soon be contacting you.