Profile writing tips for dating sites in South Africa

You need to be specific with dating sites in South Africa 

In general talk about specifics rather than generalities or platitudes. Be precise and say “I go rock climbing regularly and I cycle at least 3 times a week with my local cycling club” rather than “I like outdoor sports and exercise”. And instead of saying I love travelling, which let’s face it, most of us do. Say “I’ve travelled widely, mostly to Southern Asia, Africa and Europe on vacations but I did spend 7 months on the Annapurna trail in India for a sabbatical”. i.e. Give enough information away to make it interesting and to also create conversation or touch points. Somebody may have also been to India and shared the same experience OR they may be looking for a travel partner who likes the same parts of the world as them and this would resonate and make them contact you.

Remember that people are just like you

It’s important to remember that other people on the site are just like you. They’ve probably been around the block a couple of times and are more realistic in what they want from life, love and romance. They don’t want to play games and don’t really have the patience to be lead up a garden path. So when writing a profile try and put yourselves in the shoes of the person reading it. Imagine what you’re ideal person would want to read. And when we say ideal person we mean your ideal ‘real’ person and not the ‘fantasy’ figure you might have in your head.


South Africa Dating Online is a game changer

The previous consensus was that you needed to be standoffish and aloof when it came down to dating. Play hard to get, it’s all in the chase etc etc Well all that’s changed with Online Dating in South Africa. If you wait a couple of weeks now before getting in touch then that person’s gone and found somebody else to hang out with because they thought you weren’t interested. The advice now and from all the professionals is make contact early and respond as soon as you are contacted. You don’t have to get into a full blown chat with them but do say “Hi, thanks for contacting me. Looks like we have some things in common, please tell me about yourself” or if you’re really not interested then just don’t reply, they’ll get the idea pretty quickly.