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Online dating in South Africa is on the rise. Despite slow download speeds (South Africa is languishing at 93rd in the world) and expensive internet packages online dating websites are still pulling in the customers. Online dating is the fast and convenient way to find love. It’s also cheaper than going on multiple dates. (This can put a tidy dent in your bank balance in no time).

All you have to do to start is find a good online dating site. SA Online dating is South Africa’s premier dating site and the best place to start. We have hundreds of thousands on members online already and thousands joining every day so you’re never short of a new crop in beauties to choose from.

You can browse as many profiles as you like for free and edit and change your own profile as much as you like (we actually recommend spending some time tinkering with your profile to get the optimum amount of contact from other members). We are a free to join website but if you want to initiate contact then we ask for a small subscription for doing so. This payment actually serves as a filter so we make sure only genuine members are online.

If you’re looking for love, romance of maybe just a bit of fun then SA Online Dating is the place for you. Dont just take our word for it either. If you join and start chatting you’ll see there’s people just like you. We don’t have any borders either. If you’re black, white or coloured you can date with us. All you have to do is filter you type and location to get a perfect match every time. We also have a facebook and page where we regularly share stories and articles about dating. We also post regular questions related to you and your view on dating and romance.