Online dating tips from SA Online dating

The photograph
You’re 10x more likely to receive messages and profile views if you have at least one photo. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t buy a used bakkie without seeing it and likewise you wouldn’t go on a date with somebody you met through online dating unless you’d seen a photograph. In fact the more photos you have the more a person will trust that a) it is you they are talking to and b) that you are genuine and actually look like you do in the photos. (A top tip is to ask the person to upload a photo of themselves holding an object of your choice. That way you know it’s definitely them).

Make your profile current and relevant
There’s no point having photos of somebody else or of you when you were 20 years younger. Also there’s no point in having a profile that doesn’t honestly paint a picture of who you are or what you are interested in. Remember to start your online dating profile by telling prospective dates what you like and what your hobbies or interests are. Keep it simple and short initially rather than detailed. Try and think of it as a piece of sales literature, after all you are are trying to sell yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, the great beauty of online dating services is that you can change and edit them whenever you like.

Take your time
Online dating can be time consuming. On SA Online Dating there’s lots of choice and lots of things to do once you’ve logged in. Take your time to get to know the site and figure out how it works. There will always be potential matches on the site and it’s up to you to create a great profile, upload some amazing eye catching photos of yourself and then refine your search criteria which gives you the best option of finding love. Be patient, it might not happen overnight but given time and effort on your part we’re sure it’ll happen.

Refine, refine, refine your profile
As with any marketing material, your profile and photographs will need constant tweaking and monitoring to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of attention from possible dates. Don’t be downhearted if you initially get a lot of interest and then it declines, this often happens as the pool of matches gets more concentrated.

Online dating is brilliant for getting to know somebody prior to meeting. If your date is genuine they will be prepared to wait until you get to know each other better. If they refuse to wait then they are probably not the right choice for you. Also remember that when you do meet to follow some simple safety rules.
1. Don’t jump into their car under any circumstances on a first date.
2. Always tell somebody where you are going and call them to confirm you arrived.
3. Never leave your drink unattended.
4. Don’t drink too much.
5. Keep the first date short and sweet. If it goes well you can always have longer and more romantic dates later.
6. If in doubt about a person at any point in your date then just politely make your excuses and leave.

By following these simple tips you should have an enjoyable online dating experience and who knows, you could also meet the love of your life.