Don’t be afraid of online dating. Tips for beginners.

Online Dating Girl

Are you thinking of trying online dating? The adverts and media all say the same thing don’t they. Just register and let love do the rest! All very well for the experienced online dating expert but what about the rest of us who’ve never set foot (or mouse) into the world of cyber matching. Well the first bit of advice is ‘don’t be afraid’. Dating online is a challenge and none of us are experts. We’re all still learning how to make an impact online and we’re still making lots of mistakes. Over the coming weeks we’ll be helping you get to grips with online dating and giving you the confidence to try it yourself.

Are you ready for online dating?
This is an important question. If you’ve just come out of a bad relationship or are still listening to Al Green songs and thinking of a previous love. Or if you’re at all anxious to a point of breaking out into a sweat when you login then it’s probably not the right time. Wait until you’re ready emotionally. Wait until you feel confident to strike a conversation (albeit through cyber space) and wait until you can think beyond online ie that you’d feel confident going on a first date … eek!. You also need to be ready to put in the hours. Online dating makes searching and contacting simple but it still takes hours and days of filtering to get to a point of being able to find somebody to ask out for a date. Online dating is, for some, a full-time occupation (or distraction depending on how you look at it). They will be online constantly sucking in the online love oxygen and reaching out with a nudge, wink or IM. Be prepared to commit serious time to it otherwise they’ll get disinterested and move on. Yes, if you are one of the ones who thought you could just date online after work then think again. Mobile has made online dating a 24/7 past-time and you’d better be ready to rumble.