Online Dating Sites – First Impressions are Everything

With online dating sites, your first impression can be the difference between attracting, or scaring off, your perfect match. There are several ways to make a good first impression. Sense of humour certainly heads the list, since that can often determine compatibility. Something akin to intelligence is also vital. If you misspell a lot, or use bad grammar, you might sound a bit dim. Female or male, that is just not appealing.

With online dating sites, first impressions take 2 forms – initial communication and profiles. If someone searches the site and looks at your profile, then that is the first impression they have of you. If you discover their profile and choose to email them, then that is your first impression. Thus, your email messages and profile have to be written well. You can’t just email others and neglect your profile, because once you email someone, if they like your message, their next step will be to look at your profile!

When you write your profile, consider who you really are and what you want from online dating sites. Always be positive and confident and try to naturally incorporate a bit of humour. When you are finished, re-read your profile to make sure it sounds good and run it through a spell-checker before posting.

Before you email someone initially, make sure you thoroughly read their profile. If they enjoy exercising, ask them if they go running and talk about your fitness regime. Always talk more about them than you do about yourself. Again, use humour naturally without overdoing it, and spell-check and re-read everything before sending your message.

A catchy profile and a well-written email will undoubtedly boost the response rate you get when using  online dating sites. The open-minded person, who is positive and confident, always makes the best first impression.