The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Online Dating Services

Those who say that dating online is straightforward have clearly never actually done it. What with the raft of online dating services, scouring through the profiles of potential partners, and flirting with total strangers through email or Instant Messenger, things can get somewhat precarious. On the positive side, there are 100’s of possible matches just a few clicks away, so do not throw in the towel! Just follow the tips below, and start negotiating online dating services like an expert.

Do use a catchy headline. Every great advertising slogan is ingrained in the population’s psyche. You want to create the same effect with your dating profile.

Do provide a photograph. People who upload a photograph get fifteen times more success than those  who do not.

Do keep the conversation light. Your initial email should not rant on about how badly the government is handling the economy. Keep the tone of everything light-hearted.

Do ask your family and friends for assistance when writing your profile. There will be things they adore about you which you may not otherwise consider yourself.

Don’t meet face-to-face before speaking to your date on the telephone. Talking to someone in ‘real-time’ is the best way of judging chemistry.

Don’t disclose any personal details in your emails. If you were in a local caf√©, you would not pass your home address onto just anybody standing in the queue.

You might enjoy being wined and dined, but so does everyone. Say some interesting things about yourself which are original to you.

Today, using the internet to meet someone is just as acceptable as blind dating, and you can hook up with people of every age, profession and background from across the world. Online dating services are an excellent tool for keeping your options open, just approach them sensibly and cautiously.