Online Dating Services and How to Spot Fake Members

Online dating services give you increased choice, but it is sometimes hard to know if the people you meet are really who they say they are. Although most members of online dating services are trustworthy, there are others who prey on female members, or who do not depict themselves accurately.  Thankfully, there are certain warning signs which should lower the chance that you will put yourself into any dangerous situations.

Watch out for anyone who ducks direct questions, tries to control the discussion, forever insists on phoning you, speaks disrespectfully, or whose stories and information do not add up. Married men often join online dating services, so men who are secretive, or who are only contactable at particular times, might be hiding something. Learn to trust your gut feeling when interacting with people online.

The type of online dating service you use can also affect your safety. Paying websites will require credit card information, so it is harder for people to subscribe anonymously. Generally, a website which requires payment will also offer better security features. Nonetheless, you should still take safety precautions, irrespective of whether you are paying for the service. Always talk with people online initially, until you are totally comfortable, and then meet up with them in public. Only give out your personal information (like your phone number or address) once you feel they are trustworthy.

The best advice for anyone using online dating services is to remain in control. If you think you are falling for someone, do not rush and proceed cautiously. Do not permit any potential partners to push you into doing anything you are not ready for. If you do feel serious about someone you have met on the web, introduce him to your family and friends, and get their objective opinion about his intentions and character.