Online Dating South Africa and Avoiding First Dates From Hell

Many women who try online dating South Africa make certain avoidable mistakes on their first dates. These include:

Behaving as if the Date is Inconvenient
You should manage your time so you are mentally prepared for your date. If you are late arriving and have a rushed demeanour, your date will think that he is not important to you.

Acting Dis-interested
It is offensive if you are elsewhere in your thoughts when your date is speaking to you. This will be obvious to your date immediately, and he will be resentful.

Taking Text Messages and Telephone Calls
Taking “important” texts or calls whilst on your date is rude and inexcusable. Your date will become justifiably irritated because he has set aside the time, money and effort to devote to you.
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Female Issues With Online Dating Sites

These days, there are countless books available about relationships. You are often advised to think like a man, but behave like a lady, and it can all get very confusing. Women who encounter problems meeting decent guys on online dating sites, generally belong to 1 of the categories below:
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The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Online Dating Services

Those who say that dating online is straightforward have clearly never actually done it. What with the raft of online dating services, scouring through the profiles of potential partners, and flirting with total strangers through email or Instant Messenger, things can get somewhat precarious. On the positive side, there are 100’s of possible matches just a few clicks away, so do not throw in the towel! Just follow the tips below, and start negotiating online dating services like an expert.

Do use a catchy headline. Every great advertising slogan is ingrained in the population’s psyche. You want to create the same effect with your dating profile.

Do provide a photograph. People who upload a photograph get fifteen times more success than thoseĀ  who do not.
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Why I love Online Dating in South Africa

Dating in pre-internet days wasn’t easy and lead to inbreeding on a monster scale. Instead of 6 degrees of separation, it’s was more likely to be 6 km of separation. Girl from town A marries boy from town B and has children who grow up and, depending on where couple AB eventually live, marry girls (or boys) from the opposite town and so it continues until they start sprouting horns, webbed feet and turn into a brand new species. Online dating in South Africa has changed all that (phew, I hear you say). Instead you now have a vast mountain of eligible single people to choose from. Brilliant, I hear you say .. er .. well sort of ! Read more »

For Online Dating, South Africa is the place to be

In a recent article in the Guardian newspaper in the UK the question was asked “Is online dating destroying love”. Historically, as we know, about 72% of us met our partners either at school, at work or through friends. Nowadays, with the advent of online dating, South Africa has seen a boom in people meeting online. This has allowed us to cast our nets further and wider in the hope of snaring the ‘special one’. Previously were we were confined to friends of friends in Cape Town, we can now search and meet singletons from Johannesburg to Durban.

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Online dating tips from SA Online dating

The photograph
You’re 10x more likely to receive messages and profile views if you have at least one photo. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t buy a used bakkie without seeing it and likewise you wouldn’t go on a date with somebody you met through online dating unless you’d seen a photograph. In fact the more photos you have the more a person will trust that a) it is you they are talking to and b) that you are genuine and actually look like you do in the photos. (A top tip is to ask the person to upload a photo of themselves holding an object of your choice. That way you know it’s definitely them).
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The best Online Dating Services in South Africa

There’s a multitude of online dating services in South Africa but how do you tell which is a good, reliable and a trustworthy website? The answer is possibly simpler than you might think.

Just ask yourself a very simple question. Is the Online Dating Service well designed or does it look like somebody knocked it up in their back room. Chances are that if it’s the latter then they probably did ‘knock it up’ in their backroom. They’ll be working to a very tight budget and won’t have the skills financial investment to provide the same kind of service as a well designed, well thought through and feature rich online dating service.

Reputable Online Dating Services in South Africa spend hundreds of thousands of Rands each year making your online dating experience as enjoyable as they can. Our very own SA Online Dating website itself has approximately 4 million singles worldwide all looking for single men and women. Read more »

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