South Africa Dating Sites – Which are the best? Free or Paid

South Africa dating sites cater to a lot of people but just how many single people are there in the world? Type that question into Google and not surprisingly you get a diverse and colourful answer. In the US there are 54 million single people, in the UK 14.2 million and in South Africa, well we’ll just have to take a wild guess and say it’s roughly 35% (according to world averages). So put simply, that’s a lot of single men and women to choose from. You’re only problem now of course is how do you let all those single people know you’re there? Read more »

Free dating websites can be the key to love and happiness

Do you want your life to change? Then free dating websites could be the answer! Do you want to find happiness with the love of your life? Are you feeling alone and without that somebody special in which to share all the things you love and love about life. Do you have a hobby or past-time that would be better with a partner? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then we may have the answer.

Try posting your details on Free Dating Websites. It won’t cost you a penny to join and you can join as many as you like and see which one you like. Of course we’d say SA Online Dating is the best and that’s not because it’s ours. We like to think we offer the best value and service in South Africa dating today.  Read more »

Cape Town Singles need Cape Town Dating

Cape Town singles don’t need to worry. Research shows that approximately 37% of single people have used some form of dating site with approximately 17% of them finding a long-term partner. The digital revolution is far from over and as internet usage in South Africa increases with nearly 8.5 million now online the trend is set to continue. Another trend which helps people find love is the use of mobile web browsers and tablets. Research has also shown that casual Cape Town Singles prefer to use ‘play-time’ when looking for love. What this means is that they prefer to surf and chat whilst sitting on the couch and usually on their tablet, hand-held or mobile phone.

This is all great news as SA Online Dating is geared up and capable of giving you a great leisure time experience wherever you use us.  Read more »

Dating Websites are the perfect place for the newbie singleton

Did you know that dating websites are the perfect place for newly single people! Let’s face it, how many options are open to the newly single person to find love? Work, pubs, bars, restaurants, parties or maybe the local mall on the off-chance your love-match is shopping at exactly the same time on the same day in the same place as you. I know what you’re thinking. If it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. Okay we admire your optimism but realistically you’ll probably exhaust those options fairly quickly and become disillusioned and worst still, powerless to find any more social groups to meet somebody from. This can be frustrating to say the least. You know Mr or Mrs Right are out there somewhere in the vastness of the human population but you just can’t find them. Read more »

Free Dating Websites – There’s no better cure for a broken heart

Free dating websites are the perfect cure for a broken heart. “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful…”  Many of us, just like Bess Myerson (Miss America in 1945) have experienced both feelings although let’s face it, we all prefer the former.

We desperately want to get over it, move forward and start living again. But for many of us it is not so easy. We try different things: a new sport, reading books or maybe jumping on a plane and going on holiday for a while. All of these are supposed to mend a broken heart, but the best cure is to fall in love again. Of course many will ask how can we do it as soon as possible (watch out for rebound issues). It is almost impossible to go out and meet a new love. That’s true. But why not to try online dating? There are many free dating websites you can visit to find somebody interesting and on your wavelength. Online dating is convenient, efficient and a fast way to meet new people in a short time. This is what we need to make ourselves feel better. Read more »

Dating Websites – 2013 Free Online Dating South Africa

Happy New Year to you all and what a year we’re set for. After a pretty dismal 2012 on many respects, the economic downturn and some pretty indifferent news from around the globe I think it’s time we all put our rose tinted spectacles on and dive straight into 2013 with a very large backpack of positivity sandwiches.


First things first. Let’s get your love life sorted out or accurately your online dating life sorted out. If 2012 wasn’t what you expected then by joining SA Online Dating the best of the free dating websites you can boost your chances of finding that special someone. All it takes is a couple of minutes of your time to fill in a few details on dating sites and then boom, you’re on board and looking at all the beautiful boys and girls we’ve got on the site already.

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Dating Sites Special offer for Christmas 2012

To bring a little Xmas cheer into your life we’re offering you the chance to upgrade your SA Online Dating membership for 50% less than the regular price. This offer will be running from the 27th – 31st of December, just in time to stop those post-Christmas day blues. In fact the timing is just perfect. You’ve had Xmas and now you’re looking forward to the New Year. You’re being uber positive and things are going to be rosy in 2013 for sure when it comes to Online Dating.  Read more »

Why should I avoid Free Dating Websites

Free isn’t always the best especially when it comes to Dating websites. Although Free might sound great, it actually attracts far too many of the wrong kind of daters.

The Casuals
These are the people who dip in and out of relationships. For guys it might be casual in the true sense of the word. They may be looking for a relationship with all the benefits (if you know what we mean) but with none of the commitment.

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South Africa Dating Sites and why we’re number 1

So you’ve decided to start dating online? You’ve done your initial search and now you’re totally confused? Which out of the thousands of South African Dating Sites to I go for? It’s a good question and really depends what you’re after. South Africa Dating Sites are multiple and the quality can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. Read more »

Cape Town Dating for beginners – A rough guide

So you’ve been wandering around the V&A Waterfront by yourself or maybe you’ve been casually driving through Camps Bay or Bakoven on your way home or you might even have been to Sundowners at La Med after work. If you’re currently in a relationship you might sometimes wish that you were one of the thousands of Cape Town Singles because you could park your car or maybe wander over and start chatting to the potential girl ( or boy ) of your dreams. ( This time of year in Cape Town there’s some beautiful people around right? ).  Read more »

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