South Africa Online Dating – What to do when it rains

Actually we’re not talking about the romantic Gene Kelly type of singing and dancing in the rain we’re talking about dating and flirting whilst indoors. The weather has been pretty rubbish in South Africa of late (in Cape Town we’ve had 5 straight days of heavy rain) so the best advice we can give is to get your laptop out and login to South Africa Online Dating (SA for short :). Believe it or not South Africa online dating is the best way to cure those rainy day blues.

It’s easy to start South Africa Online Dating. With over 1 million members online and uploaded we’re certain you’ll find guaranteed love on the site. All you have to do to start off is register your details. This usually includes a valid email address (please enter something valid even if you have no intention of staying on the site for a long time). Then once you’re in you can start browsing the thousands of South African Dating singles we have on the site. We have plenty of ways to filter the search too. You can search by height, marital status (critical if you’re looking for long term love), whether they are athletically built (it’d be good to see a back up photo here right?) or a bit chubby too. You can even search by hair length would you believe.

With so much choice and so many ways to search for love you’ll easily find what you’re looking for when South Africa Online Dating. Also girls, don’t be put off by your friends saying that online dating sites are just for players. Statistically speaking only 3% of men join dating sites with the intention of ‘dating lots of women’. In fact most men are fairly genuine and are there for the same reasons you are … ie to find the love of your life.

Dating Websites – Making a good first impression

We all know that making a good first impression in whatever we do is important whether it’s with a prospective employer or when meeting somebody for the first time. A recent US study of meetings between online daters on dating websites revealed that men take only 15 minutes after the first meeting to decide whether they want a second date whilst women, in general, take well over an hour.


This is good news for men as it means they have time, after a bad first impression, to change or reverse the women’s initial “hmm, this really isn’t going to work” decision by using their quick witted charm for the rest of the evening. And if they are a sensitive man they’ll be able to judge by studying the woman’s body language how well they are or aren’t doing.

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Dating Website Statistics 2013 analyzed – Part 2

So in part 1 we looked at some alarming statics that claimed that 53% of online daters on Free Dating Website date more than one person at a time and also that users of online dating actually think common interests are more important than physical characteristics.

One of favorite Internet Dating Website statistics is the fact that women mostly commonly lie about their weight, physical build and age where-as men lie about their age, height and income. This got us laughing about the possibility of Ken (6ft 2in, 35 and an airline pilot) meeting Kim (5ft 7in, 29 with slim / athletic build) for a drink. Kim arrives to see Ken 43 (people say I look good for my age), 5ft 9in (6ft in shoes!) who works as an airline dispatcher whilst Ken meets the real Kim 35 of average build. The irony is that although they lied in order to get the perfect catch they both ended up meeting their ideal catch and consequently fell head over heals in love. So although we don’t recommend lying about everything, maybe slightly embellishing the truth isn’t such a bad thing after all.  Read more »

Dating Websites Statistics 2013 analyzed – Part 1

In a recent survey about users behaviour on dating websites in the US there were some interesting (and alarming) patterns emerging. It was claimed that 53% of online dating users date more than one person at a time. Zoikes! That doesn’t sound very encouraging for the prospects of finding that one true love monogamous relationship. Well don’t be alarmed, this is quite normal when you think about it. The term ‘dating’ in this respect doesn’t mean ‘in a relationship with’ it purely means that people will talk to and maybe meet lots of people before they decide which one is right for them. Being grown up and emotionally sensible about this at this point will stand you in good stead for a happy relationship in the future. If you go on a date and the person you’re meeting asks ‘so are you seeing anybody else’ and when you say ‘yes, I’ve been on a couple of dates in the last month’ and they slap you around the face, pour a drink over your head and say ‘how could you?’ before storming out then I think you’ve had a lucky escape. Read more »

South Africa Dating Sites – Still the best place to find love

South Africa dating sites have become big business and globally, online dating has become enourmous. Some of the world’s larger sites have millions of members. With this volume comes a lot of attention and not just from single men and women themselves. Psychologists and media have all been writing and examining whether online dating really does work or whether it purely fills people with falls hope and nothing more.


A common criticism is that dating sites only ask people what their ideal date is and not what it would be. Studies of speed dating have shown that what people actually found attractive in the opposite sex wasn’t what they wanted from their description. Their ideal match relied on logical attributes such as hair colour, weight, income and not the emotional attributes such as smell and chemistry.

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South Africa Dating is pure online magic

Is South Africa Dating a good thing? The truth is the same as anything, if you’ve had a good experience then you’ll be positive about it where-as if you haven’t then it might be negative. It’s best to take a balanced view with South Africa Dating. There’ll be some bits you love and some bits you wish you could change (the same will probably be true with the people you meet too :).

The thing to remember with dating websites is not to expect instant magic and don’t assume that the “magic machine” will instantly find your perfect partner for you. It’s good to remember that the most dating sites use what we call boolean algorithms to your match. So if you enter that you only want to meet people with an income of over R500k then it will only show you people in that income bracket. The same goes for other searchable attributes. So although refining your search is great and it’s something we’d recommend we’d also say that starting with a wide net and open disposition is also preferred. Read more »

Profile writing tips for dating sites in South Africa

You need to be specific with dating sites in South Africa 

In general talk about specifics rather than generalities or platitudes. Be precise and say “I go rock climbing regularly and I cycle at least 3 times a week with my local cycling club” rather than “I like outdoor sports and exercise”. And instead of saying I love travelling, which let’s face it, most of us do. Say “I’ve travelled widely, mostly to Southern Asia, Africa and Europe on vacations but I did spend 7 months on the Annapurna trail in India for a sabbatical”. i.e. Give enough information away to make it interesting and to also create conversation or touch points. Somebody may have also been to India and shared the same experience OR they may be looking for a travel partner who likes the same parts of the world as them and this would resonate and make them contact you.

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Dating in South Africa with SA Online Dating

If you’re thinking of dating in South Africa there’s a host of sites to choose from. Some good and some not so good (much the same as the boys and girls on them to be honest) and more and more South Africans are moving away from family and friend introductions to meet their perfect partner and turning to number crunching in online dating to find love.

But just how effective is it and how can you put yourself in the picture and make sure you stand out from the thousands of other hopeful singles South Africa Dating waiting to meet their next partner. Apparently it’s all in your personality. Studies have shown that certain personality traits contribute hugely to whether others think you’re worth meeting (and a good catch). Clearly a bright open and positive personality is much more welcoming than somebody who hides themselves away in a darkened room (and let’s face it, dating south africa can only be a positive experience surely) but also somebody who is giving and sharing will often get more interest from the opposite sex. Read more »

Choosing the best Dating sites in South Africa

Dating sites in South Africa can be sometimes strange to fathom! Why do women act differently from men. Why are men seemingly be less picky than women when it comes down to dating. Website data shows that men will wink. nudge and contact women much more than women will do to men.

So on the face of it men are less picky about the women they date. Maybe they are playing the law of averages that says for every 10 women you approach, on average 1 might bite ( not literally ). Darwins theory of evolution claims that men are less picky because of the scarcity of ova and the multitude of sperm. The so-called parental investment theory states that men invest less time in children therefore making them less selective with who they have relationships with. Read more »

South Africa Dating Sites post christmas surge in traffic

Some online dating sites report that post-Christmas they receive up to 350 percent more traffic compared with pre-Christmas. It seems that in the run-up to Christmas nobody really has the time to find romance but just after Christmas and particularly in the week leading up to New Year singletons all over the country are logging in and registering on South African Dating Sites.

Thinking logically about it this makes perfect dating sense. After Christmas we all take a long look at our current lives and we take stock of our lot and start making plans for the new year. We look at all the things that didn’t work for us in 2012 and see if we can find ways and methods to make Dating South Africa work for us in 2013. If love didn’t work for us in 2012 then what mistakes can we learn from to make it work for us in 2013.  Read more »

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