Tips for new singletons who are dating Africa style

Dating Africa Safety Advice

Dating Africa style is, in principle, no different to any other country, except of course that this is South Africa. Our beautiful rainbow nation of 50 million people have a daily struggle against crime and security. Other nations can freely go out and meet a guy or girl in a local bar. They can both have a drink and they can both wander up the road to another bar or restaurant without too much hassle. Try this in South Africa and you may not make it to the second bar. Yes, dating Africa style requires more awareness than your average international date. When dating Africa style, you really need to plan ahead. Arrange exactly what you’ll be doing before you go and then drive to that destination separately. Do not allow them to pick you up from your home on the first date no matter how friendly they are online. Before you go on your date make sure you tell a friend or family member exactly where you are going and make sure you have your cell phone close at hand at all times. We also recommend you check in regularly with your friend so they know you’re okay. You can do this discretely whilst taking a bathroom break so as not to make your date unduly nervous. Read more »

The future of dating websites. What can we expect?

Dating Websites Mobile 02

Online dating has come a long way in a very short space of time and the marketplace has become very crowded. There’s now more choice than ever and this has lead to a big investment in disruptive technologies in the hope of finding the ‘next big thing’ in dating. There’s a new wave of dating sites that try and shoe-horn tech into online dating. There’s geo-location dating websites that allow you to login on your cell phone and then see who’s about so you can hook up instantly. There’s also a multitude of video dating websites. These are great for ‘all you can eat’ broadband packages where you don’t have to worry about the video calling chomping your monthly download limit but for the South African market these won’t become mainstream any time soon. Read more »

Are dating sites all the same? We look inside online dating.

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Yes and no. Yes they all promise love, romance, friendship but no they are not all the same. Dating sites, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. There’s dating sites for almost every niche possible. We’ve seen vegan dating sites, elitest ‘only good looking people allowed’ dating sites and we’ve even seen ‘just ginger haired people’ dating websites. Of course the more niche you make your site then the less matches there’ll be. I can’t imagine there’s thousands of ginger-haired lovers in Gauteng for example!

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Dating doesn’t have to be hard work … does it?

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We recently encountered a dating story that sounds all too familiar. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy. Boy rushes in, girl steps back. Boy gets confused, girl gets irritated. Boy gets more confused, girl goes cold. Does it sound familiar? Yes, of course it does, we’ve all got a similar dating story tucked away somewhere. They didn’t write Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus for nothing you know. Dating is a tough old game and the older and wiser we get the less flexible we seem to become. We know what’s going on, we know that women need empathy and not sympathy and we know that their moods revolve around the moon and we also know that men are simple creatures. The rules for dating a man could easily be written on a single side of A4. But still, and this is something we constantly bang our heads against a wall about is that we still don’t understand what or where the other is coming from. And, as we get older, we don’t really care. All we know is that they are wrong (and slightly bonkers for even thinking it in the first place) and that we are right. And so the world keeps turning and generations upon generations don’t learn and we all listen to sad songs, get married, get divorced and continue to be baffled by the opposite sex. Read more »

Durban dating first date bars and pubs

Durban Dating nights out

So your Durban dating experience is going well and you’re taking the next step and moving your online romance offline. The good news is that Durban isn’t called South Africa’s playground for nothing you know. There’s heaps of bars and pubs littered all over the city. Some are close to the ocean whilst others linger in the heart of the city. Read more »

Women prefer younger men on internet dating sites

Internet Dating youger woman

Women like dating younger men on internet dating sites. These were the findings in a recent article from Time magazine which also found that women are 5 times more likely to want a man 5 years or younger than one that is 5 years older. It seems that across the age demographic women are opting to choose a younger and more spritely partner.

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Finding love on a South African Dating Site – Real or Fantasy?

South African Dating site

The question has been asked many times. Is finding love on a South African dating site real or just fantasy? We’ve all read the marketing material. Millions of singles, lots of choice etc etc but when it comes down to finding love online, is it real love or are we just buying an unobtainable dream? Depending on which South African dating site you choose there’ll be all sorts of promises made. You’ll see success stories, happy couples skipping down the aisle and lots of smiley faces. It’s all pretty enticing isn’t it. You’d like to be one of those happy couples too wouldn’t you? Of course you would, we all would. Read more »

The right way for advertising Free dating websites

Free Dating Websites Apprentice

We’ve just been sent a link to a TV show in the UK called the Apprentice where young entrepreneurs battle against each other in a do or die battle of marketing and advertising skills. This week the would be business leaders were given a brief to create free dating websites. They had just two days to make a film, an ad campaign and a website for their new online dating brand. Now considering that free dating websites are big business these days (estimates report the global market to be almost $2bn) they should have had at least some insight into the industry already. What followed in 60 minutes of TV gold was a hilarious example of how not to build free dating websites. Read more »

Do men read profiles on dating sites?

Do men read profiles on dating sites? The simple answer is yes, but not as much as women do. Researchers in the United States used the latest online tracking software to observe people’s eye movements as they viewed profiles on dating sites. The results showed that men spend 65% more time looking at women’s photographs and that women spend 50% more time reading mens dating profiles.

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As much as we want to be alarmed or shocked or disturbed by these findings I don’t think any of us are. If ever there was a survey or research that stated what all of us men know and what women feared then this is it. Read more »

Cape Town Dating – Does the matching really work?

For some reason when you join a dating site you assume, because it’s a computer, that it’s showing you the best Cape Town Singles it has available to show. That somehow because you’ve typed blonde, between 25-35 with an athletic figure who lives in the Camps Bay area that it’s going to show you the perfect partner straight away. The bad news is that this might not be what happens. The trouble is that computers can only filter information that users has physically entered into their profile. They can’t, for example, know that you’re the funniest girl in class or the alpha-male of the group or that you have a birthmark in the shape of Justin Bieber on your left shoulder! These are attributes it won’t pick up.

There are also problems with Cape Town Dating in that users who only enter half or none of the required fields will only have a limited amount of information in which to pull the search results from. So if the love of your life hasn’t completed their profile and has omitted information about their height, body type and hair colour then chances are they won’t appear in your search results for your given criteria. Read more »

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