Durban dating – deciding who pays on a first date?

durban dating paying the bill

In the last two articles about Durban dating we gave you some great places to take your first date for something to eat and drink. So now you’ve done that and it’s time to grab your coat you get to the first delicate issue of the evening. Who’s paying for this nosh then?

“As a man he should pay surely. It’s the same as opening a door or putting your coat on a large puddle. We’re still in 1954 aren’t we?”. At the same time the man is thinking “It’s 2013, surely we should go halves, I’ll offend her if I pay, I don’t want to seem like a chauvinist”.

According to Debrett’s the person who requests the pleasure, pays for the pleasure. This means the person who did the inviting should, in theory also pick up the tab. Read more »

Internet dating – How your digital footprint affects you

internet dating digital footprint

So you thought you’d create a James Bond internet dating profile did you? Imagined yourself as an airline pilot, brain surgeon or multi-millionaire high roller? Well think again. Internet dating has become suspicious these days. 50% of women and 38% of men will now check your digital footprint before meeting up. So what is your digital footprint, how does it affect your internet dating chances and what can you do to make it better? Read more »

Who is logging on to a South African dating site right now?

South African Dating site mobile

Running a South African dating site is no simple task. Internet penetration in South Africa is still very low. According to the latest internet usage statistics for 2012 only 17.4% of all South Africans are online (around 8.5 million), 5th in the whole continent and a long way behind the top dog, Nigeria with a whopping 48.4 million.

South African dating site speed has always been an issue too. In the early days we had one cable for South Africa, the Telkom SAT-3 cable. Since 2009 when the Seacom cable was completed we’ve seen prices drop and line speeds increase but South Africa still has one of the costliest and restrictive internets on the planet. Read more »

Just how many people are Cape Town dating?

Is anybody really Cape Town dating

There’s an old urban myth that Cape Town dating was a waste of time because half the men were married and other half were gay. Whilst it’s true that Cape Town is more colourful than other parts of South Africa it’s also not the case that there’s no single guys out there. SA Online Dating reports a healthy mix of guys and girls looking for romance in the Western Cape.

Read more »

Why do we like free dating websites – part 1

Free Dating Websites Part 1

It’s not hard to see why free dating websites have become very popular in the last 5 years or so. In the good old days finding love meant identifying which girl in your local village school was the most attractive. You’d then spend years flirting, falling out, taking breaks but generally testing your life as a married couple before eventually you’d hook up for good, get married and settle down. Today because of shifting patterns in migration and higher divorce rates we may be faced with several periods in our lives where we are looking for love. Love, it seems, isn’t forever anymore. Well at least for the 60% or so that get divorced anyway. Read more »

Dating website tips and advice for the newcomers

Dating Website tips and advice

We’ve often been asked ‘when I join a dating website’ how to I find possible partners. It’s a good question and one that we’re more than happy to answer. When you first join a dating website it can seem a little intimidating. There’s a bunch of buttons and lots of inviting text all telling you to do different things. The first thing you need to do is find people to engage with. People you like and people you think you could initiate contact with. Remember that with any dating website everybody is there for the same reason so don’t be afraid about approaching people … they want you to. Here’s 4 ways to find people: Read more »

Dating SA – 3 Simple steps to South Africa Dating success

Winner South Africa dating sites

Dating SA is all about strategy. It’s all too easy to join South Africa dating sites and then just shop around scatter gun style in the hope of finding somebody. You might not be surprised to hear that this technique doesn’t always work. (This is probably why you’re here in the first place right?). No, Internet Dating in South Africa require a strategy if you want to get the best out of it and you definitely need to hone those decision making skills.

1. Be clear about what you want (and don’t want) South Africa dating. If you can’t stand smokers then cross them off your list. If you want somebody with no children be absolutely clear that people with children (no matter how cute they are) is a no no. And if you really can’t stand the thought of seeing somebody more than a short walk away from your house then again, be very clear and decisive from the start. This sounds easy but when faced with a cute guy who smokes and lives 100 miles away it’s all too easy to forget your list of deal-breakers and imagine it’ll somehow be okay. It won’t. Sooner or later this will become an issue. Walk away now to avoid disappointment later. Read more »

Don’t be afraid of online dating. Tips for beginners.

Online Dating Girl

Are you thinking of trying online dating? The adverts and media all say the same thing don’t they. Just register and let love do the rest! All very well for the experienced online dating expert but what about the rest of us who’ve never set foot (or mouse) into the world of cyber matching. Well the first bit of advice is ‘don’t be afraid’. Dating online is a challenge and none of us are experts. We’re all still learning how to make an impact online and we’re still making lots of mistakes. Over the coming weeks we’ll be helping you get to grips with online dating and giving you the confidence to try it yourself. Read more »

Is there any such thing as free dating in South Africa?

Does Free Dating Exist

Free dating is exactly the same as anything else that’s free. It’s great but in the back of your mind you’re always looking for the catch. Secretly you’re suspicious about something that’s free. If somebody came up to you and gave your a car and said ‘there you go, it’s yours, for free’ you’d quickly ask them ‘so what’s the catch? nothing is free’. But for some reason we seem to think that online services should be free. We’ve paid big bucks for the computer, we’ve paid for the privilege of being connected to the interwebby thing so surely the services this interwebby thing offers should be free. Read more »

South Africa Dating – Is it really a Rainbow Nation

South Africa Dating Rainbow Nation

We’ve all read the headlines. South Africa dating is a kaleidoscope of exotic races and cultures which caters for a diverse and mixed dating scene. With this ringing in our ears we, at SA Online Dating did our own research into the exact figures that make up our rainbow nation and we found some interesting facts. 80% of the country are black African, 9% coloured and only 9% white (approx 4.5 million in total). In terms of internet usage this has spiralled in the last 10 years. In 2001 only 1.8% of the population owned or used a computer. 10 years on and that figure has risen to 52%. The biggest growth area however is with mobile phone usage. 92% of the population now own a mobile phone and with smart phone technology and 3G this means more people than ever are able to access South Africa dating and it’s network of single people. Read more »

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