Do men read profiles on dating sites?

Do men read profiles on dating sites? The simple answer is yes, but not as much as women do. Researchers in the United States used the latest online tracking software to observe people’s eye movements as they viewed profiles on dating sites. The results showed that men spend 65% more time looking at women’s photographs and that women spend 50% more time reading mens dating profiles.

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As much as we want to be alarmed or shocked or disturbed by these findings I don’t think any of us are. If ever there was a survey or research that stated what all of us men know and what women feared then this is it.

Of course men look at photos. They aren’t driven by a woman’s IQ they are driven by how she looks, how tall she is, how slim she is, her smile, her legs and of course her curves. Likewise women are less concerned with how a guy looks in his tuxedo they are more interested in whether she can have a conversation with him. Yes, men really are from Mars and women really are from Venus.

So what does this mean for dating sites. It means that ladies you need to start adding more photos and guys you need to pull your socks up, get your crayons out and start scribbling some words down to best describe yourself and your characteristics. So effectively you need to do exactly what the other person wants you to do.

Boys … when adding your profile to dating sites don’t write something you’d like to see. (ie I like cars and looking at girls photos) Make sure you put on your sensitive hat and write about why you’d be a great catch for girls.

Girls … when adding your photos remember that you’re trying to attract a guy. You may love your pet but don’t show photos of you giving pooch a kiss, save that for the guy. Don’t add photos of you with other guys either … that’s a sure way to make guys switch off. Also don’t add too many photos of you semi-naked. Whilst that tactic may work on certain dating sites it’ll possibly send out the wrong signals to singles who are serious about dating.