Lekker Dating websites from the Karoo to Knysna

Like any good project, finding romance and love isn’t like nipping to the mall. It requires a plan, an open mind and lots and lots of stamina and resilience to meet the right person. Although dating websites are plentiful the quality can be a little suspect at times. Just how many members does the site have? Some have millions, some have a few thousand and some (sadly) don’t have any but claim to be have hundreds. 

We all know that dating eventually means you digging into your pockets to shell out a few rand to register and talk to prospective matches. The trick is (and don’t let my boss hear you say this) is that it’s best to wait a while before making that financial commitment. The reason we say this is that you might be lead into believing a site has more members and more to offer than it actually has. They will promise untold riches without giving you a trial or without actually showing their full-hand of single members.

If a dating site is worth it’s price then they’ll be confident enough to at least show you people you might want to eventually have a date with.

Another good tip for spotting a good dating site is to perform your own due-diligence. Does it have any traffic going to it? Does it have anybody writing meaningful (and helpful) blog articles for it? Does it have anybody you can talk to or email about the site if you need or a little bit of coercing before you join? (This is the best way to tell if a website is a one man band or a bone-fide company worthy of earning your hard earned money.

You could also check when the domain was registered or when the site started operating. If you also wanted to check you weren’t wasting your money you could contact them, have a chat and ask them to send you a whole bunch of success stories. (You could then contact the success stories and yada yada yada … er … second thoughts, that might be considered to be stalking!).