Internet dating – How your digital footprint affects you

internet dating digital footprint

So you thought you’d create a James Bond internet dating profile did you? Imagined yourself as an airline pilot, brain surgeon or multi-millionaire high roller? Well think again. Internet dating has become suspicious these days. 50% of women and 38% of men will now check your digital footprint before meeting up. So what is your digital footprint, how does it affect your internet dating chances and what can you do to make it better?

You digital footprint is, as the name suggests, a trail left by your internet activity. This could be as simple as logging into a forum and leaving a comment, uploading a video to youtube or joining a social network and sharing with your friends. All of these things leave traces of you and more importantly, can be seen by the whole global internet population.

It doesn’t take a super snoop to find you online. Try typing your name into google and see what comes up (you might be a little surprised). Try going to an internet cafe and searching for you on facebook? Again unless you’ve locked down your profile so only you can see it there’s plenty for a would-be online dating partner to check out.

Internet dating isn’t just a flight of fantasy. Nowadays you can’t just create an alter ego to fulfil your dreams of being somebody you’re not. If you’re online and connected then somehow, somewhere you’ll be found out.

Here at SA Online Dating we actually applaud the idea of people checking digital footprints. It’s a simple way of being able to search and find and check-out possible internet dating partners which gives what we do an extra level of security.

If you feel like you want to erase your digital footprint this isn’t so easy either. The best advice we can give is from now on, think carefully before you comment or upload anything online because somebody somewhere will be watching.