How to tell when somebody fancies you with online dating

How to tell someone fancies you online

We’ve all heard or read somewhere about the tell-tale signs that somebody might be interested in you. From the obvious body language signs of ‘crossing their legs in your direction’ to ‘licking their lips and playing with their hair’ to the more extreme and harder to read sign of completely ignoring you. This latter sign is particularly hard to spot as there’s always the danger that they might actually not like you at all. It’s a fine line between love and hate so tread carefully otherwise you could, at best, make a fool of yourself and at worst illicit some kind of restraining order. Both of which don’t look good on your CV for potential online matches.

So we know the signs offline but what about online dating? How can I tell that somebody might be interested when I can’t physically see them crossing their legs or playing with their hair. What are the money signs that somebody is flirting with me.

1. They reply to your flirt or message.

If they’re a hottie then they’ll be getting lots of attention. Remember there are thousands of eligible single people waiting to meet their ideal partner online. Most of the time the ‘good lookers’ won’t reply. They’ll just ignore you or block you. However if they choose to respond to a flirt or a message then bingo, the door has opened and they’ve given you a 2 second slot of their conveyor belt of love. You now have a window of opportunity in which to show your feathers and impress.

2. They keep talking to you. 

This is important to get right. It’s not about you talking to them … it’s about them talking to you. Online dating makes it easy for you to bombard the other person with questions day and night. It’s easy for you to see them ‘online’ and say hello. And it’s easy for you to think that they are interested because they answer your questions. This however isn’t the case. The question you need to ask is ‘Do they also contact me?’. If the answer is no, then maybe you should just take a step back and see if that balance is redressed. Give it a day or so and see if they ping you to say ‘Hi’. If they do then it’s all good. If not then maybe it’s time to move on.

3. Silence can sometimes mean ‘I fancy you’. 

Online dating is, as in real life, full of little games that people play. Small tests to see if the other person really is true to their word. One of these is the silent treatment. ie When somebody ignores you, or doesn’t seem interested. Again, this could either mean they genuinely aren’t interested or it could mean they are seeing how much effort you will make to get to know them better. It’s a delicate balance between being cool and aloof and being downright rude and arrogant. If you’re faced with this situation then play it carefully as this will set a precedent for the rest of your relationship and possibly life. ie They’ll constantly be testing your love for them.

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll be well on the road to spotting which people to pursue and which to leave alone.