Just how many people are Cape Town dating?

Is anybody really Cape Town dating

There’s an old urban myth that Cape Town dating was a waste of time because half the men were married and other half were gay. Whilst it’s true that Cape Town is more colourful than other parts of South Africa it’s also not the case that there’s no single guys out there. SA Online Dating reports a healthy mix of guys and girls looking for romance in the Western Cape.

Statistically speaking the Northern Suburbs seems to be a hot bed of male activity with many men originating from the Durbanville, Edgemead or Plattekloof. This doesn’t mean to say that all the guys are die in the wool Afrikaner’s though. There’s thousands of guys and girls from the Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard and Southern Peninsula too. In fact no matter which part of the Cape you’re from there’s somebody out there wanting to meet you. Online dating in Cape Town is ideal for those who don’t originate from the city too. As we all know Cape Town can be a bit of a clique. They say you need to live in Cape Town for 20 years before people will ‘actually’ start inviting you to that fish braai they keep promising. Cape Town dating cuts through all that nonsense and gets straight to the heart of the matter. Everyone online dating in Cape Town isn’t concerned with which clique you’re in or connected too they are only concerned with meeting somebody they click with.

There used to be a stigma attached to online dating but those days are long gone. If anything it’s now seen as the thing to do if you want to find love and romance. Don’t wait for it to find you, get online and start Cape Town dating today. If you want to meet the man or women of your dreams then you need to at the party.