Great Opening Lines for men on South Africa Dating Sites

Historically, men have always struggled to find the ideal opening line to pique a woman’s attention and come across as fun, clever and confident. On South Africa dating sites, you require an opening statement that will draw women in, and cause them to click your profile.

The brief line accompanying your photo is the initial introduction to your personality, and this will determine whether a single woman searching South Africa dating sites clicks or moves on. You wish to be witty, charming, sexy, unique and sophisticated, correct? Don’t panic! The most effective opening lines do not have to be fancy – often, a straightforward “Can you speak English?” will work fine.

Being honest is never a bad idea. Why not describe yourself in a sentence? A sentence such as “sensitive, kind, fun-loving guy” may attract a few replies, but do rein in your enthusiasm, because a sentence such as “Italian Stallion @ HEART!:)” might prove a little off-putting.

Humour is a great ice-breaker, providing the ladies are chuckling with you, rather than at you. “Work soft, play softer” could cause your potential date to smile, whereas “Beyoncé stood me up at the altar!” probably won’t.

Another sensible idea is to say what you are searching for: “Music and film lovers apply here!” will catch the ladies’ interest, but please do not say “Rich man seeks sexy girl”, unless you really are prepared for the consequences.

Lastly, watch your spelling. Grammatical errors in your introduction are tantamount to sneezing mid-way through your chat-up line. “Life should be an exciting jurney” will be somewhat of an anti-climax, irrespective of the nice sentiment.

Regardless of what you write, if you remain open and honest on South Africa dating sites, you will be sure to make the right 1st impression.