Give online dating a go. You might even get a drink out of it!

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It’s easy to be negative about online dating. It’s the last chance saloon right? The place where people go just before they give up for good. The last throw of the dice.

Well no, not really. For many people it’s actually their first option. It’s easy, convenient, can be entered into on the spur of the moment and can deliver almost instant results. Just think about it. How else could you find a few thousand single men and women for just a few rand? At the local bar, at work, through friends? I don’t think so.

Traditional dating is like shopping at the local corner store. The choice is limited and let’s face it you’ve seen the same stock a thousand times. Online dating is like shopping at a giant mall. It’s got something for everyone and there’s a constant cycle of new products (people) so it never gets boring.

When you start online dating you just need to change your pre-conceived notion of what it is. Instead of thinking that’s its a place for losers. Imagine it’s a place for highly successful and motivated people who are just too busy to meet people by conventional means. Imagine it being a place for smart people who know that the best place to find love is a place where people are looking for it. ie there’s a captive audience just waiting to hear from you.

By just slightly shifting your perceptions you’ll be sending out positive energy to possible dates. Couple this attitude with multiple photos of you looking happy, attractive and friendly and you’ll become a magnet for the opposite sex. Just look at it from their perspective. Do you think they’d be falling over themselves to meet you if you had rubbish photos, a negative biography and a dour outlook that sad, “I’m actually really too cool for this site, I don’t know why I’m here”.

Just embrace online dating for the short time (hopefully) that you’re there. Go with the flow, enjoy and who knows, you might even get a drink out of it.