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We’re all looking for free dating right? We all want love to walk right up to us, kiss us on the cheek and walk into the sunset with us. Well with SA Online dating we can’t promise you a 100% free dating experience but we can offer you the next best thing. If you join the sign you’ll be able to search and browse as many profiles as you like. You’ll get emails and you’ll know when somebody likes you. You don’t even have to be logged in to discover all this warmth towards you, we’ll email you or send alerts to your mobile.

The only time we’ll ask for a payment is if you want to directly message another member. This will be obviously signposted on the site so you won’t charged without being fully aware of what you’re doing. If you want a truly free dating experience (and trust us, some people do) then there’s plenty of websites out there that can offer this. Our advice (and possible warning) is that although it’s great they are free, this also leads to several problems. They have lots of dead accounts. So if you see somebody and start messaging them there’s no telling that they are actually on the site anymore. Free dating sites are also a target for fraudsters and scams. People will upload a bogus profile (usually of a hottie to get your attention) and then spin a web of deception. Once they’ve lured you in they’ll ask you for money and if you pay that’s probably the last time you’ll hear from them. Being on a paid site like SA Online Dating drastically cuts down this kind of behaviour. Free dating is a myth. Our view is that a few Rand spent now is a small price to pay for a potential life of happiness and love. Why not give it a go. If it doesn’t work then you’ve only lost the price of a beer.