Free Dating Websites

Free Dating Websites are great for meeting new people and finding romance. The advantages over paid sites are that you, obviously, don’t have to pay a penny to join and chat. The flip side is that free dating websites don’t offer the same level of protection for customers and daters that paid websites do. Free dating websites allow more people to upload false profiles. They then use these profiles to lure in vulnerable single men and women. It’s been reported that up to 1 in 10 profiles on dating websites are fake and this figure can rise significantly on free dating websites.

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Another downside to free dating websites is the number of outdated or expired profiles. Imagine coming home one night from a bar and filling out a profile online. The next day you wake up and forget you even registered. This profile will no be on the dating site forever. It may even attract a fair amount of interest. With so many old profiles online it’s hard to know which ones are genuine and which ones aren’t. It’s hard to know if they person you’ve just composed, written and sent a beautiful sonnet to isn’t there anymore or is just ignoring you.

With paid online dating sites you know that if you send a message then at least the other person is active on the site. Whether they choose to read your message and return the compliment is up to them but at least you can relax knowing you tried. Paid dating sites also have the added security of payment protection. If you use your credit card to pay then there’s recorded evidence of the transaction. Also in order to get a credit card in the first place you need to have an address and a place to live. So all in all whilst we love the idea of free dating websites, in practice we prefer what is commonly known as the freemium model. With freemium you have a certain amount of free stuff on the site but if you want to unlock premium content and features then you pay a small fee. We think this works much better and gives users the power to pick and choose their own dating package.