Why do we like free dating websites – part 2

Free Dating Websites Part 2

It’s true that there are some people who are only online for the short-term gain and that their agenda is less than romantic. However don’t worry, research has shown that these kinds of people are few and far between and for the most part everybody on free dating websites are there for the same reason as you. The problem with real life and why dating online is now so attractive is this very reason. In days gone by you may have been attracted to somebody but before you could even make contact you have to find out if they are single and ready to date. Today you can be more upfront about what you want as all members will be looking for the same thing.

In real life it’s hard to say ‘this is working out for me’. Especially after the first, second or third dates. Even harder when one half of the relationship is smitten and doesn’t feel the lack of chemistry. Trying to tell a puppy to never come back is hard to do. Online it’s much easier. If you feel things aren’t going the way you want them too then it’s easy just to pull the plug ignore them. This of course works both ways so be warned. Free dating websites generally don’t give out personal information so if you decide things are working out there’s no recrimination, less guilt and always the benefit that they (and you) can move on within the click of a mouse. There’s no waiting for the phone to ring with online dating, it’s a short, sharp and painless end. This culture of quick relationships of course has a much wider impact. Did you know that around 60% of relationships now end with a simple text message!