Why do we like free dating websites – part 1

Free Dating Websites Part 1

It’s not hard to see why free dating websites have become very popular in the last 5 years or so. In the good old days finding love meant identifying which girl in your local village school was the most attractive. You’d then spend years flirting, falling out, taking breaks but generally testing your life as a married couple before eventually you’d hook up for good, get married and settle down. Today because of shifting patterns in migration and higher divorce rates we may be faced with several periods in our lives where we are looking for love. Love, it seems, isn’t forever anymore. Well at least for the 60% or so that get divorced anyway.

Migration plays a much bigger part in our lives now. We live in less established communities, we have busy lives and we move around much more. Despite technological advancements to make our lives easier and quicker and streamlined we seem to have less time to do anything or meet new people or potential life partners. Free dating websites have stepped in to fill this gap.

Free dating websites fill that void on so many levels. As a teenager everybody is single or at least on the fringes of being single. Once you leave school and get a bit more settled those number dwindle fairly rapidly. Very few people you meet in your normal life will be single and of those the ones that you’d potentially click with and consider as a partner are tiny. All in all your chances of finding love are small at best. Free dating websites boast numbers … lots and lots of numbers. Some reports suggest that there’s over 2 billion people, have, at one time or another, tried free dating websites with monthly viewing figures going through the roof.