Free Dating Websites and why Romance isn’t dead

The dictionary definition of romance is “Characterized by a preoccupation with love or by the idealizing of love or one’s beloved. Displaying or expressing love or strong affection”. No-where, from what we can tell, does it say that love is confined to tangible expressions and can’t be done on Free Dating Websites. And by tangible we mean actual flowers or actual real surprise events or actions. Romance is about expressing your love or strong affection, you can easily send a virtual gift (chocolates or flowers) which although required less effort it does carry some ‘Romantic’ weight. From a boys (or maybe a girls) perspective Romance can also be related to the money or time spent creating the moment. Virtual gifts on Dating sites cost money, registering as a paying member costs money and just supports your desire or expression of love. 

Because we have video chat, IM and unlike real dating where you only meet a few times a week you can chat all the time and be romantic 24/7/365 with SAOnline Dating Websites. Romance isn’t about the medium you use to make contact and as the dictionary definition says, it’s the emotional attachment or expression of love between people that counts. Here’s a few ways to be romantic online:

  • Send a virtual gift as we’ve mentioned before. The rarer the gift the more the romance attached.
  • Write a song, write a poem and then video and share it with your love. Clearly this isn’t for everyone and make sure when you write the song or poem that it’s worth signing or saying. Nothing will turn them off more than a rubbish song.
  • Build a website “Why I love xxx” and then send them a link. (Remember time + effort = romance). This is advanced romance and requires time and effort but is also very very public as the whole world will see your very public expression of love. Be careful with this one.
  • Create a romantic treasure hunt. Invent online clues and invite her or him to find the prize. This could be a virtual place or an actual restaurant where you’ll meet.

Just be yourself. If you really like the person then the romance will follow automatically.