Is there any such thing as free dating in South Africa?

Does Free Dating Exist

Free dating is exactly the same as anything else that’s free. It’s great but in the back of your mind you’re always looking for the catch. Secretly you’re suspicious about something that’s free. If somebody came up to you and gave your a car and said ‘there you go, it’s yours, for free’ you’d quickly ask them ‘so what’s the catch? nothing is free’. But for some reason we seem to think that online services should be free. We’ve paid big bucks for the computer, we’ve paid for the privilege of being connected to the interwebby thing so surely the services this interwebby thing offers should be free.

Some internet businesses (like ours) don’t offer any tangible goods. That is, we don’t send you a goody box in the post full of stuff that you can touch and feel. No, we offer something invisible. We offer a service that allows you to connect with thousands of other people without you having the leave your home. We offer you ways to chat, make contact and we offer privacy and control. The problem is that you, the user, see this as a given. It’s the internet after all and that’s the least we expect. We, on the other hand are left with a dilemna. How do we generate the large piles of cash required to keep the wheels turning and the developers in candy bars and sweet sugary drinks. To do this some free dating sites (including us) use ‘paid for’ advertising to generate a little extra income. Other free dating sites rely on additional premium services that you can bolt-on to your package for a small fee. The point is. Yes, you were right to be sceptical, free dating doesn’t really exist and yes, nothing is for free and yes, there’s always a catch. The question is do you accept the catch and tolerate it or do you pay for the privilege of less catches on a subscription based dating site. The choice is yours.