For Online Dating, South Africa is the place to be

In a recent article in the Guardian newspaper in the UK the question was asked “Is online dating destroying love”. Historically, as we know, about 72% of us met our partners either at school, at work or through friends. Nowadays, with the advent of online dating, South Africa has seen a boom in people meeting online. This has allowed us to cast our nets further and wider in the hope of snaring the ‘special one’. Previously were we were confined to friends of friends in Cape Town, we can now search and meet singletons from Johannesburg to Durban.

According to psychologists at the University of Rochester in the United States online dating is the most efficient way to meet somebody. You can select from a massive pool of people, then refine your search by height, weight, hair colour, eye colour and then personality traits until you have a lineup of possible candidates. You then engage in winks, nudges and chat in order to woo them. With all this refining and choosing it’s now much quicker to find your perfect match through online dating. South Africa still has a relatively new internet population with only around 15% of people connected. Compared that to 85% in the UK, 80% in the US and a staggering 90% in the Netherlands you’ll see that there’s plenty of room for growth and a huge opportunities for new singles to join in and dip their toes into online dating. South Africa also has a rich and diverse population (it’s not called the rainbow nation for nothing) so there’s sure to be somebody for everybody.

Some professionals argue that with the advent of Online Dating, South Africa citizens have been less romantic and more robotic when it comes to dating and meeting people. Our opinion is that whilst this might be true in terms of ‘finding’ people online and narrowing your choices we think that once cupid strikes then individuals are as romantic as they’ve always been. Whatever the professionals say about online dating, South Africa is the perfect place to find love on the internet.