Female Issues With Online Dating Sites

These days, there are countless books available about relationships. You are often advised to think like a man, but behave like a lady, and it can all get very confusing. Women who encounter problems meeting decent guys on online dating sites, generally belong to 1 of the categories below:

Miss Perfection – She believes the explanation for her failed relationships is that no man can be trusted. She selects the same man every time in a different guise. She then finds herself amazed when her new relationship finishes in precisely the same way as her previous one.

Repeat Monogamist – She moves from 1 relationship to the next and always has a boyfriend in her life. A repeat-monogamist should experience what it is like to be single, so she can decide what she really wants from a partner.

Hopeless Romantic – Her favourite film is Sleepless in Seattle, and no relationship could ever match up to her expectations.

Desperate Diva – She comes across as confident but, beneath all the front, she is extremely insecure. She has always fallen for jerks, and uses online dating sites because she desperately wants to be loved.

Man-eater – She has probably suffered some sort of heart-break, and will not allow any man to become too close to her for fear of ever being hurt again.

Freak – She found out many years ago that men are happy to sleep with her. She believes that sex will make a man want to be with her, but it still hasn’t quite worked out yet.

Many women who use online dating sites are complex individuals, and 1 woman might fit into many of the above categories at once. Knowing about these different categories will hopefully help online daters to become more self-aware, and stop them from hooking up with the wrong person.