Dating Websites – There’s so many to choose from?

Yes there are. In fact if you type Dating Websites into Google for example you’ll see about 359 million results. Eish? So where do you begin? What’s the best approach to finding the perfect Free Dating Websites for you. Did you know that 80% of people searching online will almost always click one of the top-3 search results before performing another search. That’s right. 80%. If you apply the same search behavior to online dating then if you were to line 10 guys (or girls) up in front of you you’d only look at the first 3 before moving on to the next venue and next group of 10 people. 

Our advice for finding dating sites that work for you is ‘go a little deeper’ and take your time. The big sites will be at the top of the search results. That’s what they do. They pay to be there (even in the organic results) so dig a little deeper and you might find a niche site who suits your requirements better. They might even be free to join (like SA Online Dating) and they might over a better service than it’s more expensive well known brands where you have to pay to send a reply to somebody! (This has always irritated us as you don’t always know that this is how they work until you feel shunned for the 10th time!).

In fact, ask yourself this question. How did you find us? Like other Free dating websites we don’t appear at the top of the most popular search results. (We’d rather spend our money making you happy). So you either found us by typing a little used search phrase or by a friend recommending us. Either way, we’re happy you did find us and we hope you’ll stay just long enough to find love. We’ll do our best to help that’s for sure.

So to recap. Don’t spend to long performing new searches and getting the same old results. Stick to one search term and dig a little deeper. Who knows, you may unearth a real gem and the same goes for online dating, don’t search too shallow all the time, there may be somebody perfect hiding at the back of the room.