Dating Website Statistics 2013 analyzed – Part 2

So in part 1 we looked at some alarming statics that claimed that 53% of online daters on Free Dating Website date more than one person at a time and also that users of online dating actually think common interests are more important than physical characteristics.

One of favorite Internet Dating Website statistics is the fact that women mostly commonly lie about their weight, physical build and age where-as men lie about their age, height and income. This got us laughing about the possibility of Ken (6ft 2in, 35 and an airline pilot) meeting Kim (5ft 7in, 29 with slim / athletic build) for a drink. Kim arrives to see Ken 43 (people say I look good for my age), 5ft 9in (6ft in shoes!) who works as an airline dispatcher whilst Ken meets the real Kim 35 of average build. The irony is that although they lied in order to get the perfect catch they both ended up meeting their ideal catch and consequently fell head over heals in love. So although we don’t recommend lying about everything, maybe slightly embellishing the truth isn’t such a bad thing after all. 

The next Dating Website statistic we found quite alarming actually. 33% of online dating women had sex on the first date! Really … the first date? We would never ever recommend this. Our normal protocol is to meet the person in a public place, have a drink (no more than 2) and a lovely chat and see if you have chemistry away from the safety of the online dating site and then if you do, sleep on it and take it further. Remember that although you might have spoken at great length online you have never met this person and so jumping into a physical relationship is a no no. Absolutely not.

The last statistic we’ll cover is the fact that 10% on online daters quit in the first 3 months. This is a shame and could be for a number of reasons. Maybe they’ve found somebody or maybe their personal circumstances have changed. Our view however is that they have become disillusioned either as  result of not finding anybody or by finding lots of people but being disappointed by the quality they found. Either way our advice is to ‘not give up’. Remember you only need to find Mr or Mrs Right once. If you find them on a dating website once you’ll never have to look again but by giving up at the first hurdle you’re really not going to find them at all. If you’re looking for the perfect Dating Website then look no further. Join now for Free.