Dating Websites Statistics 2013 analyzed – Part 1

In a recent survey about users behaviour on dating websites in the US there were some interesting (and alarming) patterns emerging. It was claimed that 53% of online dating users date more than one person at a time. Zoikes! That doesn’t sound very encouraging for the prospects of finding that one true love monogamous relationship. Well don’t be alarmed, this is quite normal when you think about it. The term ‘dating’ in this respect doesn’t mean ‘in a relationship with’ it purely means that people will talk to and maybe meet lots of people before they decide which one is right for them. Being grown up and emotionally sensible about this at this point will stand you in good stead for a happy relationship in the future. If you go on a date and the person you’re meeting asks ‘so are you seeing anybody else’ and when you say ‘yes, I’ve been on a couple of dates in the last month’ and they slap you around the face, pour a drink over your head and say ‘how could you?’ before storming out then I think you’ve had a lucky escape.

Another 2 facts about Free Online Dating usage were that 49% of people found physical characteristics most important whilst 64% found common interests the most important. Now whilst these figures don’t tally they also throw open the thinking that 51% of people in the first question were clearly lying. We all know that in order to make it to first base there has to be some be some chemistry between you and this, on a dating site, comes mostly from the 2 seconds you get to look at someones profile photo. If there’s a physical attraction then you might take it to the next stage and send them a message or throw them a flirt or nudge but let’s all be realistic … looks ARE the most important. (At least in the first 2 seconds!).

We also love this statistic. At 26 there are more men seeking women online where-as at age 48 there are 2x more women seeking men. The question is, who do the men find? Our only conclusion was that they give up and find other men instead … no, surely that’s not right either. As a Free Dating Website we’d like to encourage all those guys that have to given up by the time they are 48 to try and again … the statistics say you’re more than twice as likely to find somebody now than when you were in your 20’s.