Dating Websites – Making a good first impression

We all know that making a good first impression in whatever we do is important whether it’s with a prospective employer or when meeting somebody for the first time. A recent US study of meetings between online daters on dating websites revealed that men take only 15 minutes after the first meeting to decide whether they want a second date whilst women, in general, take well over an hour.


This is good news for men as it means they have time, after a bad first impression, to change or reverse the women’s initial “hmm, this really isn’t going to work” decision by using their quick witted charm for the rest of the evening. And if they are a sensitive man they’ll be able to judge by studying the woman’s body language how well they are or aren’t doing.

On the other hand if you’re using dating websites as a female and you make an instant bad impression then forget it, the cast will have been dyed and you’ll not be putting on your posh frock for a second time with particular guy. For men this is probably and simply down to physical appearance. If you look like your photos on the dating website and make a bit of an effort for the evening then you should be okay. If however, you’ve lied about your weight, age, body-shape or any other important physical attribute then don’t expect men to be as understanding as women … in general, if it isn’t what it says on the tin, they’ll send it straight back to where it came from. So when you join free dating websites make sure you’re honest with your details.


So there’s lessons in here for all of us whilst on dating websites. Africa Men have more time to pull things around and women should really be on their game, looking their best and firing on all cylinders from the word go. And girls it’s really important to remember that men are straight up and down and if you don’t make a good instant impression they’ll have switched off and be looking elsewhere before you have your first bathroom break so be warned.