Dating websites – Common mistakes that people make

Whether you’re new to the site or an experienced campaigner, a great profile is the key to a successful online dating adventure.

Either way, in order to find the person of your dreams you’ll need to follow some simple rules and avoid the common mistakes that people make.

Be honest

Everybody on dating websites wants to impress others and attract attention from as many people as possible. That is fine.  But the most important tip is to ‘be honest’. If you pretend to be somebody else it will never work. Sooner or later, when you see the person, they will know the truth. So don’t upload old photos or even worse – upload photos of other people who look similar to you OR upload pictures of your son / daughter because people say you look similar. (and yes, this actually happened).

Be positive

We don’t always feel optimistic, right?  Many of us sometimes feel sad, unhappy or lonely. But Free dating websites

don’t want to hear all this negativity and you’ll only attract the attention of interesting people if you sound optimistic and not pessimistic. Remember this at all times so instead of saying “I am feeling lonely and desperate to meet a person who will make me laugh” instead say “I dream of meeting my soul mate who I can have fun and laughs with”. Dating sites are full of people and the positive ones will shine through. Make that person you.


We all bend the truth from time to time. Maybe on our profile we’re an inch taller or a few kilos lighter but if you’re seriously looking to meet somebody for the rest of your life lying about your marital status is one of the worst crimes to commit.  Describing yourself as a single whilst you’re not divorced is not only wrong it’s also very deceptive and paints a completely wrong picture of who you are and how available you might be. Instead just say that you are separated and you want to get divorced. There are many people like you for whom it’s not an easy subject to discuss but nobody wants to be disappointed and with the passage of time it will be more difficult to tell the truth. Love is such a delicate matter …