Dating Websites – 2013 Free Online Dating South Africa

Happy New Year to you all and what a year we’re set for. After a pretty dismal 2012 on many respects, the economic downturn and some pretty indifferent news from around the globe I think it’s time we all put our rose tinted spectacles on and dive straight into 2013 with a very large backpack of positivity sandwiches.


First things first. Let’s get your love life sorted out or accurately your online dating life sorted out. If 2012 wasn’t what you expected then by joining SA Online Dating the best of the free dating websites you can boost your chances of finding that special someone. All it takes is a couple of minutes of your time to fill in a few details on dating sites and then boom, you’re on board and looking at all the beautiful boys and girls we’ve got on the site already.

Just remember a few simples tips and you’ll be chatting in no time on dating websites.


1. Upload a cracking photo. Show your pearly whites and give a big (natural) smile that shows you can share a laugh. People are generally drawn to positive people. Don’t show a photo of you with your ex (with that part of the photo cut off). In fact although we recommend a minimum of one photo by adding more you dramatically increase your chances of success. Add 2 photos and it increases 10x.


2. Write a short (and honest) profile. Just the basic stuff will get you by initially. Share your interests but again, make them slightly more interesting than “reading, watching movies and sports” as this is so generic you might as well not bother. If you like bungy jumping or are obsessed by collecting gnomes and it’s a deal-breaker if the other person doesn’t like this then the initial profile is a good time to mention it.


3. Don’t be shy on our dating site. If you’re one of those people who goes to a party, stands in the corner and then comes home depressed that nobody has swept you off your feet needs to listen here. Unlike meeting somebody at a party, meeting on dating websites is very easy. Just find the person you’re interested in (or find attractive) and then click flirt, nudge, wink etc Chances are you won’t be the only one flirting with them so don’t then sit by your computer waiting for a response, instead send a few and increase your chances of success.